Las Vegas, Day 3

Massive day. 

We checked out and I went to the Premium Outlets. I was hoping to find a handbag but no luck. I did however, get a few gifts and some new jean shorts to accomodate my ever growing booty. 

I got changed at the hotel and took the Monorail from Bally’s Casino to MGM where the girls were at the Producers Pool. 

We swam and sunbathed then went for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. I’ve been to one before in Japan, I turn straight into a little kid when I get there! It’s a rainforest theme (obviously) with moving animals, aquariums and a sky which changes moods – anything from sunny to storming. 

I ordered a huge meal, two pieces of tilapia with mango salsa, coconut prawns, scallops in a cheese sauce, fried zucchini and Caribbean rice. Yum!

The girls caught the monorail back while I walked back up the street to soak up the last of Vegas. 

I met these two hilarious guys who were taking a break from their truck ride to have some beers. One drives while the other one sleeps, then they swap. They had me in stitches and walked me back to my hotel. 

Lauren, Nikita and I took a cab to the airport to check in for our flight to Mexico. We had thought it was a long flights and we could just sleep through but as it turned out with the time difference it was only 3hours then a quick break in Mexico City (where we were told 3 different gate numbers for our flight) and it was surprisingly freezing! 

Another two hour flight and we were in Cancun! 



















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