South Bank Good Food Night Noodle Markets

I’ve been hanging to check out these markets, so when my friend Beth put out the cry on Facebook I was the first to respond! 

Well worth checking out. Heaps of great stalls, awesome atmosphere and it’s worth just checking out the installations – the effort and design that has gone into some of the pop ups is amazing. 

Won’t surprise you, I started with dumplings. From my fave Shanghai Dunplings, BUT! It was something not usually on the menu. Truffle and pork steamed dumplings. 4 for 10$. They were delicious as always but a little light on the truffle if you ask me. 

Next up we tried the Hoy Pinoy smoked BBQ marinated chicken stick – amazing. I can still taste the smoke three hours later. 2 kebabs will set you back $12.

It was hard to choose what next and I probably think I made the wrong decision. I went for Mr Luu’s Vietnamese steamed pork and prawn dumplings. 5 for $8. They were okay. They had a weird spice to them and I didn’t love the consist fancy. Should have gone for the bao or pho I think.

Just when you thought I was done, and I thought I was, I remember the waffle sticks. And with a soon to expire car park, the race was on. The line was large, it gave us time to debate our decision on which flavour. Nutella and strawberries won out and damn was it delicious. 

I’d love to go back and try Taro’s truffle ramen – it is on my mind. 

Definitely worth heading over to South Bank to check out! 



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