New Shanghai, Brisbane 

Want delicious, cheap, handmade dumplings?
In Queens Plaza you’ll find this gem.

I’ve been here twice lately – it’s that good. So good, that the friend who came with me the first time, she’s been three times! All within the space of a week.

On our first visit we had pork xiao long bao with the pork and Chive steamed dumplings and both were incredible. Juicy and fresh – you can’t get enough of them! The shepherds purse and pork wontons with chilli, peanut and sesame sauce were different, I had heard through UrbanList to give them a whirl. The chilli and the peanut sauce are a unique combination and one to be tried for yourself!

Round two we went to town. Two lots of xiao long bao juicy dumplings, shepherds purse, wok sautéed spinach with garlic and pork pan fried pork pot stickers.

Both times we washed everything down with chrysanthemum tea, the perfect combo.

Service is good, food comes fast and there is a humming atmosphere.

Highly recommend. Plus they just opened in Myer centre!

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