Noodles and Dumplings, Palmerston North

I never knew this place existed so close to home! Probably lucky as I would be twice my size if I had! 
Noodles and dumplings is on the Square tucked in by Trumps, my brother’s girlfriend recommended it otherwise I would never have known. 

The five of us ordered:

  • 2x leek & pork steamed dumplings 
  • Pork & vegetable steamed dumplings 
  • Pan fried pork dumplings 
  • Pork buns 
  • Sweet & sour pork 
  • Chicken fried rice 
  • Bok choi in garlic 

So upon reflection I can see that I did order too much. At the time though, it seemed like the right amount. Little did we realise that each plate of dumplings had 16 of them on there… We massively over ordered. But damn were we happy!! 

Dumplings for days! And at $9 a plate super cheap. 

They were all delicious. The steamed pork and vegetable were probably my faves. We ate and we ate and we ate.

There’s free (weak) Chinese tea, average service and decor but it’s cheap and the dumplings are awesome. I will be back here each  time I go home from now on! 


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