Touche Hombre, Melbourne CBD

I was lucky enough to meet up with two friends from my very first USA trip at Touche Hombre. Lucky in two aspects, great venue and great company!

It was funny, I had never heard of the place and within about three days I heard it mentioned as many times!

You walk in and you know you’ve found something awesome. The DJ booth is blasting some mad tunes, a mix of RnB and rap, I remember Bone Thugs N’ Harmony at one point. The venue is packed, there’s a bunch of share tables and people are trying to squish in wherever they can. Really cool, intimate vibe.

We shared most of our plates, starting with the corn. Charred with lime, pecorino, mayo.. heaven in a little bowl. I love corn so I guess I’m almost bias but seriously, this stuff is great.

I’m going to be honest and say the ceviche wasn’t all I was hoping for. I’ve been spoilt in Canada and the states with this though so I’m going to let it slide as I was just as impressed to even see it on the menu.

Next up: soft shell tacos. I’m about to start drooling. I went for the soft shell crab (battered, corn puree, pea tendril, popcorn) and the Haloumi (crumbed, beetroot mayo, caramelised pear salsa) and may I tell you, if my meal had finished there I would have been full and happy. Delish!

Next up, meatballs. Yup, I was dining with a man. Men will always order meatballs. They love the…. meatiness. They came in a adobo salsa, soft polenta, mint and cilantro oil… they were pretty good.

Of course we shared a bucket of 6 Sol beers between us, it was only right! We were practically in Mexico after all.





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