Elm Cafe, Palmerston North

This place is happiness.

Although you maybe wouldn’t guess it from the decor, it has a superb menu.

So good in fact after I went the first time I rounded up my Dad and bestie and took them in to try it too.

It’s a little hidden in that it isn’t in the main city area. It’s up across from Girls High school, on Fitzherbert, going towards Massey University.

The first meal I had there was brunch. Crispy spring onion potato balls with spinach, smoked salmon and a chilli creme fraiche. I love that it was served with a grilled lemon which I poured right over the meal and gave it the perfect tang to compliment the flavours.

The next time I thought I would try the lunch menu. Lemon rhyme risotto balls with beetroot pesto and creamy feta. It was mouth watering. The risotto was crisp outside and smooth inside, the feta super creamy and the beetroot pesto was a great contrast with the risotto. Just beautiful.

Mum had the lamb kebabs with kumara (sweet potato) curry and roti bread both times it was so good. She even convinced my bestie to have it too, she of course loved it.

Definitely a great place to brunch and lunch, now I just need to try the dinner menu!






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