A few days at home

After I got back from the South Island I went straight back home to Feilding.

Sadly, while I was away my Nana had passed. She was very old and frail and was lucky to have enjoyed a great, long life.

This meant there was lots to organise and people to take care of. Including my poor Dad who had major surgery on his arm last week and is pretty much at the mercy of everyone else. Hilariously he has been dosed up on morphine and could hear non existent music – he joked that there was a little Japanese man playing drums in the corner and it’s turned into a running joke.

My heart goes to my Mum and to my Granddad. I cannot even begin to comprehend how it must feel sleeping next to your wife for 63 years and then suddenly not having her beside you anymore.

Anyway it got me thinking about how I’d like my own funeral to be should they not create the elixir of life in my time!

Here’s how it’s gonna roll:
No sad ass sh#t. It will be a celebration of life and if y’all are crying you won’t remember my awesome achievements, you’ll be too busy trying to stay calm and look for tissues.
Everyone will receive a lei (just like on tropical islands) upon entry. I like them. They’re pretty and this is my show so you’ll wear it and you’ll like it.
There will be no singing – my family sure as hell aren’t the Von Trapps.
Anybody who is speaking will smile and tell jokes.
All music will be upbeat. Nothing too popular, I don’t want to ruin any songs for anyone.
Afterwards everyone can have a little party. I’ll put aside money in my will for a bar tab and a DJ. Maybe even a smoke machine.

Either way I want it to be a celebration. There’s enough sadness in life so I want it to be fun. Now hopefully they get that elixir of life sorted so we don’t have to worry about that!





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