Anndd Booked!

I’m going to Brisbane, lalalalalalaaaa….

Sooo excited to go and visit my friends! I don’t think that I’ve booked in enough time – check out my schedule:

Thursday: Fly in, visit with Celia, check out Sheike, Chan joining for dinner (Harajuku Gyoza?) Stay with Celia

Friday: Lunch in South Bank with my Rydges buddies, train to Goldie, catch up with Lauren, dinner with Mike & Kat, Sean’s 30th Bday, stay with Lauren

Saturday: Brunch with Lauren, Lunch with Ashy and bubs, train to Brizzy, Brisbane Lions game with Beck, party, wine, stay with Lisa

Sunday: Recovery, Kotobuki lunch with David and Lisa, hang with Kim and Sophie, Sunday session at Bacchus, cocktails, stay with Kim and Sophie

Monday: Road trip with Kylie, Kim, Sophie, Celia may join. Leaving dinner? Stay with Celia

Tuesday: Fly out at stupid o’clock. Far too early.

And that’s not all of it. Hectic! Just the way I like it.

And I really want to check out this Eat Street thing… anything else new where I should be dining/ partying Brisbaneites?




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