Pinspired – the food edition

I’ve been Pinspired. By Pinterest.

Yep, seeing the extra amount of time I have on my hands lately, and my parents pantry, I have been spending my days browsing Pinterest for Pinsperation of what to cook that evening.

Tonight’s edition called for some raw desserts. Date and almond bliss balls and a raw cheesecake. My first attempt, and I must say it was damn good. I’m really interested (as with the other half of the clichéd population) in raw food or ‘cooking’ at the moment and my family aren’t. However I think the desserts were the turning point.

‘What’s in this?’ …. ‘Nothing processed you say?’…. ‘All natural ingredients?’… ‘But it tastes so good!’ -Duh, I made it! It’s been blessed with the gift of my hands.

Anyway not all of my inspiration comes in the form of raw foods. I also made some damn good starters the other night, one of which now seems to be infamous and the ingredients keep magically restocking themselves in our fridge. Dates, stuffed with feta and wrapped in bacon. Can I hear you say ‘nom’?

Garden lasagne has also made an appearance, as has garlic and lemon butter angel hair with shrimp and shrimp tacos with fresh mango salsa.

I’m going to finish this blog here. My mouth is watering and it’s 12.32am – certainly not an appropriate time to start raiding the pantry. However as they say, ‘if we weren’t supposed to have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the refrigerator?’

Oh! If you’re on Pinterest, let’s be pin-buddies! You can find me HERE







2 thoughts on “Pinspired – the food edition

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  1. lots of colors in those foods, I have been making soups, vegetable soups, thai soups, curry soups and sometimes a mixture of the three. Soups let you experiment!

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