Boxing Day

Amanda called me and asked if us like to go over to her Mum’s boyfriends place on Boxing Day for some champagne. Obviously I said yes.

They picked me up around 3.30 and we hunted around for coconut tequila, no such luck, we needed up with coconut vodka.

This family bonds over shots.

Back at Rich’s place I met his sons/ my Christmas gifts – 18yr old twins – haha. We started with a caesar. Then a shot. Then another shot. Shots never stopped coming.

Dinner was A-mazing. I’ve been so spoiled lately with delicious food! Two lobster tails, turkey and ham – I was a super happy lady! Then pie! Pumpkin pie – delicious. And shots. So many shots.

My last memory is Rich showing us how to do waterfalls – or how to drink two shots at once without spilling any. An essential life skill. I failed the first time so I obviously I had to try again.

Next thing I remember is waking up feeling very thirsty! I must have drank three bottle of water overnight.

Such a great time! Not so great today though. Hangover central!








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