Clever, humourous marketing

I really do think that New Zealand ace it at marketing. See what I did there? You will soon.

From Tui billboards to AIR NZ we are great at integrating humour and personality into our brands. Plus we are innovative! Okay I’m getting carried away and slightly patriotic. Back on topic…

So I came across this in a blog from @envycollect and thought I would share it! It’s a marketing billboard from Ace car hire in NZ.

whaka Ace Ad


Whaka yeah!*

*If you are not from New Zealand you may not understand why this is clever. I’m going to be blunt here. Anyone needing censorship look away now…
Okay we good? So whaka in Maori (native NZ language) is pronounced Fucka or Fucker. Get it now?!


3 thoughts on “Clever, humourous marketing

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  1. easier to say than Saskatchewan:) our advertising is brilliant, I hated the ads on Canadian TV, mostly because they were from the US of A anyway, and predominantly food ads for fast food places and drugs for the side affects caused by the bad food in America. Ironic.

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