An afternoon ‘run’

I just LOVE running around Stanley Park.

And by running, I mean attempting to run.

I don’t really know how you see. I’ve never played sports or ran for fun so I find it quite difficult. I tend to sprint – one I’m pretty fast and two I’m impatient so want to get there faster. Either way I’m out of breath pretty fast – thanks to asthma which has risen it’s annoying little head since I’ve moved here.

Anyway the other thing I find hard is concentrating on running. I’m running then next thing I’m taking a picture. Or I’m tweeting. Or instagramming said picture. Or sending said picture to my friends to show how beautiful it is. I work in digital marketing so capturing moments and beauty is second nature to me, I don’t even realise I’ve done it.

Today I managed to ‘run’ for an hour, I was pretty pleased with that. I also managed to capture lots of the stunning scenery in Stanley Park. It’s just so beautiful in there. I always forget how nice it is and take living next to it for granted.

So without further adieu, my ‘run’ in pictures…












8 thoughts on “An afternoon ‘run’

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  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! I’ve seen that tree with the heart before. You captured it so beautifully. Stanley park is my favourite place to run. Your pictures make it pretty obvious as to why that is. Great blog!

  2. Love the picture. My favourite place to run, rollerblade and photograph to , especailly just as the sun comes out before it gets too crowded 😉 Nice blog!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love visiting BC whenever I get a chance 🙂 As for running, have you tried listening to some music while doing so? Makes it much more enjoyable!

    1. Yes! I fins I can motivate myself a whole heap more with the music blaring! Only thing is I get distracted with trying to almost run/dance to the music – I must look retarded. But that’s fine 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Like you I’ve never been too sporty, but I took a few jogs around my mom’s place in the Michigan countryside this summer and it was sooo beautiful too. A beautiful landscape is definitely a great reason to get out for a jog/run more often!

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