Happiness is… A banana nutella waffle! Especially when your morning didn’t go so great!

I woke up a little hungover and was craving poached eggs. I make mean poached eggs. Just sayin’. BUT there seems to be something wrong with the eggs here! I swear its not me.

So, no matter how long I boil the eggs for the egg white stays goopy. I don’t get it. And it’s happened twice now! Anyway I was all excited for avo and poached eggs on toast. My eggs screwed up, then I burnt my finger in the water, my avo wasn’t ripe – so I couldn’t even have that on toast so I ended up hungry.

My Flatty Amanda took me to a waffle place she’d seen on Robson Street to cheer me up – happiness ensued! Delicious.




Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Urbanspoon


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