Penticton Road Trip Day 3

We woke up early and headed straight to Kelowna – I was super excited to get on the Sea Doo! We had grabbed a Groupon – only $38 for a 1hour ride.

I was up first, I was pretty nervous as I hadn’t driven one for years but I couldn’t help but put my thumb flat on the throttle – I got told off for going too fast before the buoys. With Merica on the back we cruised out past them and then I put my thumb down. It is the best feeling flying through the air on the water. Shame I couldn’t go faster really but we had a blast.

Next up we met up with Gerado’s friend Veronica at Earls and enjoyed a nice, leisurely lunch.

We drove out to the water centre – there were water slides (yes we all went down them) huge pools, hot tubs and a wave pool. Funniest thing ever watching them all fall over trying to shred. I couldn’t do it as my bikini bottoms were so loose.

On the way back to Penticton we stopped at two wineries to enjoy the region’s offerings! So glad we did. The first one was an organic winery and had four free tastings. I love the Garden Lord there, he was gorgeous.

The next winery, Cedar Creek, had four tastings for $3. I preferred their wine. Their dessert wine ‘M’ was incredible. Although I don’t usually like rieslings I ended up buying a bottle of theirs. Stunning setting too.















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