A lazy Saturday in Vancouver

Saturday morning started with breakfast in the Olympic Village and tie shopping for Billy.

Once I was dropped home I scooted over to Carso’s for a catch up and a big walk.

We power walked around Stanley Park for about an hour, getting lost in the Forrest but eventually finding ourselves in Lovers Lane and making the trek back to second beach.

Back along the water front on English Bay, we found a Crepe & Lemonade Food Truck – just what I was craving! Carso and I shared a nutella strawberry crepe with a fresh lemonade. Delicious. I love that there are food trucks all over downtown Vancouver. I’ll have to head to the food Carr fest that’s on at the moment.

Carso and I were going to head out but seeing as she had been ill all week we decided it was probably best she didn’t consume copious alcoholic beverages.

I retired home to chat to my Dad, Blom, Lauren and some others from home. Great to finally have a catch up, between time zones there’s not always convenient time to chat.

I am looking forward to checking out some more Vancouver nightlife soon, I haven’t experienced much at all. It seems to be quite a different scene to what I’m used to. There’s either pubs or clubs. Nothing in between where you can go for a boogie and a chat. Just means I have to keep searching I guess!









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